Welcome to Iutland Mods, home of mods developed by Iutland.


The purpose of Iutland Mods is to modify computer games to make them more realistic, seen from a historical perspective, and at the same time add more depth to the basic game. All this is for the benefit of passionate players of the gaming community, who also strives for historical realism!

Currently four major overhaul mods are released and available for download:

·        La Montée de l'Empire (LME) for Napoleon Total War

·        Land of the Rising Sun Mod (RSM) for Total War Shogun 2

·        Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum (CAC) for Total War Rome II

·        Imperia et Barbari (IEB) for Attila Total War

with plans to modify future Total War releases from Creative Assembly etc.

Modification of computer games, to the level achieved by the above releases, is time consuming and sometimes costly. Therefore feel free to support Iutland Mods with a donation to keep this site alive and help further modification of games for the community.


Thank you!