La montée de l'Empire (LME) is an extensive modification of the standard Napoleon Total War game with a true historical focus that strives to make the game more realistic without destroying the gameplay. The mod changes most aspects of the game and adds additional non-vanilla campaigns to the game all spanning from the French Revolutionary Wars until the defeat of Napoleon and beyond.

Unit access and availability are controlled via a complex Area of Recruitment structure for a truer historical gameplay.  All factions have reworked and expanded unit rosters (including uniforms and equipment), based on historical sources, which should make it more enjoyable to play LME compared to vanilla.

Campaign AI (CAI) is modded/reworked and should be much more challenging than it is already.

Battle settings have undergone an extensive overhaul that will make them feel more realistic with artillery ballistics modified to resemble cannons and howitzers of that timeframe. Units and other campaign and battle graphics are extensively modified. 

Artillery and naval units are completely reworked and overhauled with many new and special units that will make the game feel much more varied and diverse, when playing different factions.

LME includes its own unique game music made by ReignTerror at TW Center and also a refined Graphical UI made by KDK. Different submods are also available as part of the installation.


The LME mod was created by Iutland, KDK, ReignTerror and Icebear77 with many other fellow TW Center modders contributing in one way or another. You can find out more about the mod at Total War Center forums. All available files for LME are available here.

Custom made LME Mod Launcher (integrated with Steam interface)


1792 Revolutionary Campaign and

1796 Revolutionary Campaign and

1805 Campaign, with 1807, 1812 and 1813 not shown.

And finally 1815 Campaign.

Retextured Ship hulls and

Marines and


Artillery and

Battle flags,

Campaign map flags and


Naval Flags.

Retextured Units and


Saddle cloths.