Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum (CAC) is an extensive modification of the standard Rome 2 Total War game with a historical focus that strives to make the game more realistic without destroying the gameplay. Therefore the mod changes most aspects of the game but maintains the overall concept of the game and you will notice that the campaign setup differs from standard Rome 2 TW and that it will be a bigger challenge for you to forge your Empire.

Unit access and upgrades are controlled via Historical events (scripted) and/or technology reforms and in addition to that, CAC makes use of a complex Area of Recruitment structure for a diverse gameplay.  All factions have reworked unit rosters, based on historical sources and archaeological findings, which should make it more enjoyable to play CAC compared to vanilla.

Battle settings have undergone an extensive overhaul that will make them last considerably longer and with far more casualties. Unit fatigue influences a unit’s ability to survive and prevail in combat and fresh reserves can actually tip the balance against better opponents if committed at the right place and the right time. This allows for realistic and tactical gameplay where position of units and their timely commitment in battle is crucial to achieve victory.


CAC is created by Iutland and il Pitta and you can find out more about the mod in the CAC manual and at Total War Center forums. All available files for CAC and the CAC manual is available here.


CAC includes a modification of all the available campaigns in Rome 2, including the DLC campaigns:

Grand Campaign, 272 B.C.


 Secundo Triumviratus 


 De Bello Gallico 


Secundum Bellum Punicum


Archidamian War