Land of the Rising Sun Mod (RSM) is a major overhaul of Shogun 2 Total War with the aim to improve gameplay, make it more historically correct and infuse some diversity to the vanilla game.

The mod is compatible with an unmodded version of S2TW (latest build) and supports all DLCs and Campaigns (Senguko, Genpei, Boshin) meaning that you will not need different versions of the mod to play the different campaigns. Although not tested, it should also be compatible with any mods that add new units, changes in-game graphics or sound.

The major highlights of this mod are the following:

Shogun 2 (Senguko), Rise of the Samurai (Genpei) and Fall of the Samurai (Boshin) campaigns are extensively modified and part of the RSM pack.

Campaign AI (CAI) is modded/reworked and should be more challenging than it is already.

Land combat Battle AI (BAI) for all campaigns are extensively modded/reworked to be more diverse and realistic; including fatigue and morale.

Samurai units are now the elite on the battlefield and Monks are no longer Supermen.

Naval combat is modded/reworked to be more diverse and realistic; including morale.

Almost every unit’s uniform model is modified based on the scarce historical resources available.

Faction leader models are modified for all campaigns and goes all the way from faction selection screen to battle play.

General models are modified for all campaigns and should be more interesting now.

Campaign map and battle banners are modified with focus on Senguko and Boshin campaigns.

A number of new Western units are made available to the Boshin war and Senguko war periods to add to the overall flavour of the game.

A number of extra units are available for the Senguko campaign play.


RSM is created by Iutland and you can find out more about the mod at Total War Center forums.

RSM can be downloaded as Mod type pack or Movie type pack. All other available files for RSM are available here.

Rise of the Samurai Faction Leaders


New Campaign Map Generals


For all factions.


Additional special units,

Equipment (bayonets),



And flags.